La Existencia de la Luz

by Sol Rezza

Uno 03:35
Vueltas 04:00
Todos 08:30


"There is a techno heart somewhere deep in Sol Rezza‘s “The Existence of the Light Part III.” It’s in the wisp of a beat that patters along beneath everything else, a pixel tick tock. There’s a current of a beat above that, too, a more thorough pulse, one that fades in early and out late, that again has some semblance of techno to it. But the music is, after a brief moment at the start that suggests a clear genre slot, adventurous and spacious and adventurous in its spaciousness.

There’s plenty use of techno’s flavors, notably gurgling synth and those bauble beats, that bring Underworld to mind, that ability to have one foot in the rave and another in the gallery, both in the same pair of shoes.

This single track is, as its title suggests, part of a large-scale “album,” more a collection of images, still and moving, and text fragments as well as voluminous sounds that makes extremely creative use of the Tumblr publishing system’s inherent promise as a cabinet of curiosities."

Marc Weidenbaum – The Disquet


La existencia de la luz (2011) es un álbum compuesto de 4 piezas de música experimental. El álbum fue lanzado en la plataforma social Tumblr ( junto a una recopilación de imágenes y vídeos relacionados con el fenómeno de la luz.

Esta pieza fue seleccionada por la empresa The Kinektic para la presentación de los premios Business of the Arts South Africa BASA Awards en 2011.


The existence of light (2011) is an album composed of 4 pieces of experimental music. The album was released on the social platform Tumblr ( along with a collection of images and videos related to the phenomenon of light.

This piece was selected by the company The Kinektic for the presentation of the Business of the Arts South Africa BASA Awards in 2011.


Sol Rezza
all rights reserved



released November 27, 2011




Sol Rezza Argentina

Sol Rezza is considered one of the most seminal voices in the storytelling and experimental music scene in Latin America. Her performances and sound works create worlds with immersive sounds that explore spatiality and temporality in different ways. Under a sound that hides a deeply techno heart coupled with soundscape and minimalist sound designs. ... more

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